Our Technology

Gag order in effect? Not with our X-rays and Extraoral Imaging!
Patient care, comfort and safety are our highest priorities. We utilize a Planmeca ProMax® 2D/3D X-ray system in our office, which brings new possibilities for treatment planning, and maximizes the safety of our imaging procedures.
Extraoral Imaging Technology - General Services in Easley, SC
Patient benefits include:
  • NO MORE GAGGING – no sensors in your mouth with our Planmeca ProMax 2D/3D imaging system
  • Less retakes, less discomfort, face-to-face positioning for better imaging experience
  • Planmeca ProMax extraoral imaging is ideal for patients experiencing pain, elderly and child patients and claustrophobic patients
  • Our Planmeca ProMax® follow American Dental Association’s ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle to minimize the effective radiation dose to our patients.
Our practice is committed delivering the finest in oral care and working to maintain your healthy smile.
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Easley Dental Center offers same day dentistry which refers to an innovative new brand of treatment that condenses some traditional procedures into a single office visit. Thanks to in-office dental CAD/CAM technology, patients can receive milled metal-free crowns in one office visit, while they wait.

Same Day Dentistry Procedure
After your Dr. Strange has examined your teeth and determined a same day CAD/CAM restoration is a treatment option, the area surrounding the affected tooth or teeth will be anesthetized and prepared for your metal-free restoration.

A digital impression is taken using an optical or laser scanner and entered into a computerized system. This system is used to create a virtual model of your teeth and design your crown. This process involves identifying the appropriate color, shape and biting/chewing surface for your restoration.

The design then is sent via wireless to a milling unit in our office that will fabricate the restoration in approximately 20 minutes. The metal-free materials used for CAD/CAM restorations include blocks of porcelain, composite and lithium disilicate.

The mill uses burs to cut the block to the precise shape of your specific restoration. When the milling process is complete, the restoration can be polished or stained and glazed to create a life-like appearance that will match and blend with your natural teeth.

Once the restoration is finished and inspected, it is placed and checked for fit, then cemented. The result is a permanent treatment completed in a single office visit.